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What is Planetfriendlygoods Marketplace, Inc. reader and shopper profile?

PFGM, Inc attracts ecologically-engaged, creative, urban professionals who are willing to pay a premium for nicely designed goods and services made with the environment future in mind.

Our largest group of readers and shoppers:

Are in their 20s and 30s (41% are 21-30 years old; 31% are 31-45 years old, 28% 46 and older )

Are students, creative class professionals, eco-conscious households

Are either men or women (50/50)

Are comfortable financially (25% earn over 90K annually, over 60% earn over 45K)

Are looking for green products and services (85% report that they will spend “somewhat more” to “a great deal more” on green goods and services)

PFGM, Inc. are a young, influential, and affluent demographic who make significant purchases online and turn to PFGM, Inc. to find products and services they can trust.

What are Planet Friendly Goods Marketplace, Inc. recent Stats?

Our most recent traffic stats through July, 2008 via GoDaddy.com Analytics and Sitemeter show 729,000 unique visitors.

What kind of advertising can I buy directly from Planetfriendlygoods Marketplace, Inc.?

We offer the following advertising options:

1.  Graphical banner advertising on the PFGM, Inc. web site.
2.  Graphical banner advertising in our monthly email newsletters
3.  Video advertising and product placement on the web site. 
4.  Sponsorship of our events and community outreach
5.  Sponsorship of custom contests, site areas, tools etc.
6.  Custom programs available. 

Further details:

Graphical banner advertising:

Our pricing is Cost per Thousand (CPM) based. We simply offer our clients a number of impressions that fits their budgets and needs. Our banner inventory is fairly standard and offers units such as the leaderboard (728x90), skyscraper (160x600), floater (300x250) and buttons (125x125 and 120x90). Please contact us for rates.

Newsletter Sponsorship:

Our newsletters feature a number of standard banners (468x60) and one floater (300x250). The 3RWired Newsletter is sent once a month.

Sponsored Contests, Areas and Tools:

We`re willing to work with our partners to develop programs that tie closely to their brands and that will generate excitement and traffic from our readers and shoppers.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us at info@planetfriendlygoods.com for pricing and details.