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Kermit the Frog

You might want to go green, but how do you know what you`re buying is truly ethical? Greenwash -- the ignoble art of misleading consumers about a product`s true green worth -- is on the rise. But thanks to the work of increasingly vigilant regulators, some of the more curious and downright spurious claims are being weeded out.

TerraChoice`s "six sins of greenwashing" include vagueness, irrelevance and outright fibbing.

TerraChoice, a Canadian environmental marketing agency, has devised a guide for consumers which they hope goes some way to eradicating greenwash. They`ve called it "the six sins of greenwashing."

The most essential guide Planetfriendlygoods Marketplace, Inc. can offer consumers is; choose the product that appears to be doing its best to educate you, to offer you information and in precise language.