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  4 easy ways to turn school day green 
  Article in USA Weekend
by Natalie Ermann Russell 

Going back to school almost always means back-to-school shopping. This year give kids a fresh start by thinking about not just their education but the earth ,too.

Here are a few ideas:

Do homework with a heart
When researching that paper, use charity minded search engines, instead of plain old Google,  Says, Co-founder of IdealBite.com, a web site that offerseasy ways to go green.  For example, GoodSearch.com donates 50% of the advertising revenue from your searches to the charties of your choice;  CatchTomorrow.com donates 50% to any school district you select.

Staple without... staples
Eliminate metal waste by using stapleless staplers that punch a small hole in your paper and fold the remaining flaps together so they are securely bound.

Get a PVC-free backpack
Look for one without the recycle symbol No. 3 or the letter V (both mean it contains PVC, which has been linked to cancer).

Recycle old crayons
You can send in those unusable nubs, which will be melted down, reshaped and resold.  Go to CrazyCrayons.com for more information.